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Friday, 30 May 2014

Ulundhu Kali

This is very healthy recipe, preferred for breakfast...I usually make it once in a week for breakfast.
This is given to teen age girls and as a post delivery food for strengthening the bone...Its rich in calcium, protein and Iron, a very good food especially for girls/womens of all age.

Ingredients for flour:

Urud dal - 1 Kg
Moong dal - 250 gm
Red rice - 250 or 100 gm.

Spread it under the heat of sunlight for 2 days and grind it and keep it in a airtight container, it will long for months...

Ingredients for kali:

1 Cup flour
3/4 cup Jaggery (Adjust as per your sweet tooth)
Water - 3 cups
Gingely oil


First grate a jaggery or make it powder and dissolve in water.
Filter it and add it to the flour and make a batter (Dosai batter consistency)
U have to make the batter in thick bottom shallow pan/kadai.
Now keep it in stove...slow fire and stir continuously.
It will get cooked and will form as mass ...like halwa.
If required add little gingely oil...usually we add only while serving
Once it reaches halwa consistency switch off the flame.
It will still get cooked for some time even switching off in that heat it self.
Pat your hand with cold water and roll it to for a ball and coat it with gingely oil.
Serve it with oil.


  1. interesting ......................................

  2. Wat a healthy traditional food, looks fabulous. Remember eating this long back.

  3. I know how healthy it can be. Grew up eating loads of this kali made by mum. I love it; the splattering flavors.

  4. Healthy kali

  5. Yum and delicious luking dish...


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