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About Me

 Hello Friends!

I first Thank You soo much for visiting my blog.

I am Magee, inspired by so many talented people around me started this blog with Love and Passion.
Earlier I was working in IT sector, now full time homemaker.

I Love to keep me always engaged with some work and commitments...the work which gives me lots of energy is cooking. Cooking for my loved ones always keep me energetic and happy.

The Culinary art is not only my hobby, it's my Passion.
Apart from cooking likes to do Crochet, Interior, House Keeping and so many to add.

Before marriage i use to enter into kitchen only if my Mom is out of station, that too i can manage only a rice and dal...also unfortunately i haven't learnt any thing from my Mom...
When i got married things have changed completely, my Hubby is a Foodie...He loves to eat, so now i love to cook.

As my native is Tirunelveli which is south side of Tamilnadu, Myself and my family are long term resident of Chennai.
I am interested in all type of cooking but, a special place goes to My deep South Tamilnadu Cuisine.
Last but not least, I Love to Thank my Better Half  for his constant encouragement towards my Passion.

All the recipes updated in this blog are tested in my kitchen lab :), and clicked by me.
Please do not copy the picture without permission.

You can contact me at - myhomemypassion(at)gmail(dot)com


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    1. Thank you Sangeetha, for stepping into my blog

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  7. Just read this today. Happy to know that you are from Chennai. Hope to meet you some time soon.

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