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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ragi / Kezhvaragu Puttu


          My Paternal grandparents lived in a village in between Cutralam and Elanji border, where their food culture has the influnce of some Kerala dishes....So we use to make Parotta, idiyappam, puttu at home often...Puttu we make it with White rice, Red rice and Ragi...

Puttu made by ragi along with powdered jaggery, a banana and gratted coconut tastes yummy, also the cardamon and Ragi flavour fills our home completely...

Even though we get all the flours now in shops, i love to prepare it at home...Yes, i bought the Ragi, washed it and sundried also again slightly roasted, once cooled gave it in mill for grinding...Now i can call it home made Ragi flour...Yeah!!!


Ragi Flour - 1 Cup
Grated Coconut as required.
Cardamon Powder - 1/4 tsp
Water approximately  - 1/4 Cup
Salt to taste


In a Pan add the Flour, salt and Cardamon Powder.
Heat the Water and add it to the flour bowl little by little.
Consistency should be , when you take a handful of rice and press, it should hold its shape, but when you leave it should crumble.
Take a Puttu mould and add a handful of Rice and 1 tbsp coconut like wise repeat the process till the mould gets filled.
Fill the Puttu pot with Water or if you use cooker mould fill cooker with 2 cup of water.
Fix the Puttu Mould and Steam it.
Allow to cook in slow flame until the steam escapes from top of the Puttu Mould and the aroma comes.
Switch off and open the puttu mould lid.
Gently push the puttu from the back hole in mould with a lengthy steel stick or using back of ladle

Serve it with Sugar or Jagerry and Bananna

Or you can have it with Spicy kadala curry or with any Non Veg Gravies.

Sending this recipe for Come, Join us for Breakfast Event.


  1. I so agree; puttu with bananas are simply splendid. Love your ragi version very much.

  2. I must try kerala version once. Its looking so yummy. I make in a different way :)

  3. Looks healthy and yummy too....... Love it!!

  4. Nutritious and definitely satisfying puttu..

  5. very very healthy and delicious puttu there :) making me hungry now !!


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