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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Okra Fry (Vendaikkai Varuval)

Its a crispy deep fry, tastes yummy and i am sure kids love this for their lunch box.
Also its a great hit at my home, usually my Mom use to pack crispy, crunchy munchy side dishes so that we will not bring back those veggies...and that's the only way i have eaten veggies in my childhood.

Okra is also called as Ladies Finger, Its a Indian Origin Vegetable.
Its a popular healthy Veggie due to its High Fiber, Vitamin C, Folate and also its an AntiOxidant.

I do remember some time in my childhood i have wasted this Okra by adding loads of water to cook it...Oh that was in my Ninth Standard, when Mom was not at home....Now also Mom is not here with me but you know, i lately found that she has passed on me the gene of her cooking skill to me, yeah now i am trying my level best to retain it :).


Okra - 250 gms
Besan flour - 2 tbsp
Chilly Powder - 2 tsp
Rice Flour - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry


Wash and cut the Okra to 1 Inch each.
Add Salt, Besan flour, Rice Flour, Chilly powder to it and coat it well.
Heat oil to 180 degree and add the mixed Okra in small batches.
Cook it well and remove it from the pan by draining the oil well.
Allow to get it to room temperature and store in airtight container.

Note: for more crispy fry , Fry the Okra twice in the oil.


  1. hi first time here.lovely varuval there.happy to follow you.Visit mine when time permits

  2. Okra fry looks super tasty.... Like to eat anytime!!


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